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Ukrainian Army Claims Control of Siversk as Russia Threatens Offensive

Ukrainian forces asserted on July 14 that they still had control over Siversk in Donetsk Oblast, as Moscow’s allies said they had entered the strategic city. A man identified in the video as Oleksiy Kashporovsky, a military journalist, stands in front of several locations that appear affected by the war, including an impact crater, and damaged and destroyed buildings can be seen throughout the video. Around a minute into the video, Kashporovsky stands in front of the Siversk train station and references Russian “propagandists,” who he says claim that the city is under Russian control. Kashporovsky looks at his watch and says “on the 14th of July, we [the Ukrainian military] are here at the station and I did not see the Russian military here.” Storyful has not translated all of Kashporovsky’s speech, or the interviews with two people identified as a Siversk resident and a doctor. On July 14, Luhansk governor Serhei Haidai said that Russian forces were trying to push through Siversk to open a route south to Bakhmut. Russian state news agency TASS claimed on July 14 that the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) militia had entered Siversk already and were in “operational control” of the city, citing an LPR source. Credit: Ukraine Joint Forces Task Force via Storyful