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Film/TV Review: The Day Stockholm Became a Syndrome

The term “Stockholm Syndrome” has become ubiquitous. Although mostly now used in a jocular sense, it describes a person who begins to identify and sympathise with, her captor, abuser, or kidnapper. But few of us now know where the term comes from.

In 1973 a lone-wolf, previously small-time safe-cracker by the name of Jan Olssen decided to rob the Kreditbank in Norrmalmstorg Square, in the heart of Stockholm. Storming the bank armed with a machine-gun, he took several hostages. During the stand-off with police, the unusual decision was taken to send in notorious bank-robber Clark Olofsson, on furlough from prison, to try to negotiate with Olssen, whom he had met in jail. Eventually, four hostages, Olssen, and Olofsson were holed up in the bank, with armed police surrounding them, for six days. The incident saw not just the coining of a new psychological term, but an examination of the way in which hostage-situations are dealt with, and has had many screen treatments, both feature and documentary, including a Swedish Netflix series released this year.

The Day Stockholm Became a Syndrome is a punchy one-hour documentary. It is woven around three significant interviewees: Olssen, Olofsson, and hostage Kristin Enmark. Now all in their 70s, it is a profound experience to hear them talking about the incident from their particular point-of-view. For Enmark particularly, the emotions are still strong. Director Olivier Pighetti lets the participants speak for themselves. There is no voice-over narrative, and only basic flash-card information at the beginning and end of the film. What he really brings out is that the hostages were not so much sympathizing or siding, with Olssen, as they were more scared of being killed by the police, than by the criminal. And with good reason it would seem. The armed response was almost at a military level, and the mentally unstable Olssen was being pushed to the limit. Olofsson and even the hostages themselves, took over some of the negotiations, Enmark even demanding to speak to then Prime Minister, Olaf Palme (who would go on to be assassinated in 1986). Palme himself wanted a quick end to the situation, as he had an election looming three weeks later.

This short impactful film is a fascinating exploration of hostage psychology, and what can happen to even our best selves when we are under life-threatening stress. It is also a slice of history: the early 70s seemed to be a “golden” time for hostage-taking and hijacking, therefore delivering police, politicians, and negotiators many hard lessons in how to deal with these crises.

The Day Stockholm Became a Syndrome is available from tomorrow on iwonder.

The 2022 National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant Royal Family Revealed

This year’s National Pharmacies Royal Family has been crowned today ahead of the 90th annual Christmas Pageant as South Australia’s Cristina Tridente of couture+love+madness is confirmed to design the Queen and Princess gowns.

A record number of National Pharmacies staff were vying for the event’s most coveted roles, with the title of Queen and King awarded to Queen Dunya Zahr and King Kevin Layugan alongside Steve Connelly and Michele Rinaldi as the new Princes and Hayley Sisson and Teagan Hazelwood as the new Princesses.

Minister for Tourism Zoe Bettison said excitement is building for the return of one of South Australia’s most cherished events.

“With less than 90 sleeps until the 90th National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant, it’s wonderful to be celebrating another milestone for this historic event,” said Minister Bettison.

“The crowning of the National Pharmacies Royal Family is a longstanding tradition, and it means so many children and families around the state can start to countdown to our beloved Pageant returning to the streets of Adelaide.”

Brian Gilbertson, National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant Director said that those selected for the Royal Family not only demonstrate passion for the Pageant but also a strong sense of community spirit.

“The crowning of the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant Royal Family is a respected tradition and an incredibly important role within the event – not only on Pageant Day when we welcome Father Christmas to South Australia but also in their duties in the lead up to the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant,” said Mr Gilbertson.

“The rigorous selection process ensures that those chosen for the Royal Family exemplify the true values of National Pharmacies and the Christmas Pageant. Queen Dunya and King Kevin alongside Prince Steve and Michele and Princesses Hayley and Teagan exhibit these values and I am confident they will spread the spirit of the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant throughout the community.”

Vito Borrello, Chief Executive Officer, National Pharmacies said the announcement of the Royal Family is a proud moment National Pharmacies in the lead up to the Christmas Pageant.

“It is an honour to be crowning the new Queen and King of the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant today,” said Mr Borrello.

“Queen Dunya and King Kevin along with the rest of the Royal Family are worthy of their title, each providing quality care to our community every day. We are proud to have them represent National Pharmacies and the Christmas Pageant, and to see their reactions today was priceless.”

Queen Dunya Zahr, Business Operations Manager and Pharmacist at National Pharmacies can’t wait for the event this November.

“I absolutely love Christmas and the Christmas Pageant, and I am excited for the event to return to the streets after two years at Adelaide Oval,” said Ms. Zahr.

“I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to help share the excitement and enthusiasm through the community and within our team at National Pharmacies, and to now be able to do that as Pageant Queen is unreal.”

King Kevin Layugan, Pharmacist in Charge at National Pharmacies shares Queen Zahr’s sentiment.

“It is an absolute honour to be crowned King today. I had the privilege of being a Prince in the 2020 National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant but in such a special year, celebrating 90 years and being back on the streets makes this even more significant,” said Mr. Layugan.

“I am thrilled to come back as King and experience the magic of the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant on the streets of Adelaide.”

The Queen and Princesses will be dressed in bespoke gowns by one of South Australia’s leading designers Cristina Tridente of couture+love+madness. Tridente will showcase her iconic aesthetic of elegance and contemporary beauty in the designs.

“We are honoured to be involved in the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant and to design the gowns for the Queen and Princesses for the 90th anniversary of this historic South Australian event,” said Ms Tridente.

“couture+love+madness’ signature style will be incorporated into the designs – the gowns will be colourful, fun and exciting and we can’t wait for the people of South Australia to see them in November. Expect to be wowed!”

The 90th year of the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant will take place on Saturday 12 November, returning to the streets of Adelaide for the first time since the pandemic began.

For further information visit

First Announcement For 2023 Adelaide Festival: Christian Spuck’s Messa da Requiem with Ballett Zürich

After thunderous applause and standing ovations in Europe, choreographer Christian Spuck’s monumental production of Giuseppe Verdi’s masterpiece Messa da Requiem, featuring Ballett Zürich, will make its Australian debut in March with an exclusive season at the 2023 Adelaide Festival.

First performed in Milan in 1874, Verdi’s mighty Messa da Requiem is an oratorio with opera coursing through its veins. Christian Spuck – who won the 2019 Prix Benois de la Danse (the ballet world’s ‘Oscars’) for best choreography – thrusts this already spectacular work into a new orbit with 200 performers: Ballett Zürich dancers, plus choristers, soloists and musicians – together giving Verdi’s score physical shape; a huge mass of humanity conjuring all the emotions we universally associate with death and hope for redemption.

Internationally celebrated German conductor Johannes Fritzsch will bring the production to life in partnership with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra while the Adelaide Festival Chorus – an 80- strong choral ensemble – will join sought-after soloists including acclaimed tenor Paul O’Neill, soprano Eleanor Lyons, mezzo soprano Caitlin Hulcup and bass Pelham Andrews. Christian Spuck integrates 200 singers, musicians and dancers into the maelstrom of his extraordinary stage design.

Originally programmed for the 2021 and then 2022 Adelaide Festival, the work fell victim to pandemic pressures over two years.

Artistic Director of Adelaide Festival Ruth Mackenzie said: “Neil Armfield and Rachel Healy worked tirelessly to bring this work to Adelaide over the past 2 years, so we’re thrilled to announce Messa da Requiem as the centrepiece of the 2023 Adelaide Festival. Together with Ballett Zürich, we are excited to share the experience with over 160 local singers and musicians from Adelaide who will be on stage at the Adelaide Festival Theatre over four performances.”

Director of Messa da Requiem Christian Spuck said: “We are happy to bring this production, which is very close to my heart, to Australian audiences. It is a privilege to be part of one of Australia’s greatest cultural destinations and most celebrated arts festivals in the world. We can’t wait to finally come to Adelaide in March 2023!”

Messa da Requiem is presented in association with Adelaide Festival, the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Adelaide Festival Chorus and through the generous support of State Opera South Australia. The season will play at the Adelaide Festival Theatre from 8-11 March 2023. The full Adelaide Festival 2023 program will be launched on 9 November.

Stars of Escape to the Chateau share insights about bringing a fairytale castle to life with new Oz tour

Comfort TV shows are something that we look forward to once our busy 9-5 is over. Escape to the Chateau definitely falls under that category.

Dick and Angel Strawbridge, the stars of the hit television series are coming with their hugely successful Dare to Do It tour. It’s the first time the Strawbridge’s have ever visited Australia and New Zealand.

Dick and Angel said “We are so excited to finally visit Australia and New Zealand. The tour is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our family and it’s such a honour for us to be able to meet fans of Escape to the Chateau, many of whom have been with us from the very beginning. We can’t wait to give our audiences a deeper insight into our lives and who we are. We’re certainly looking forward to having a bit of fun along the way!”

Millions of viewers across the world have been enthralled over the past few years by Dick and Angel’s adventures, but retired Lieutenant Colonel, engineer and chef Dick, and his entrepreneur and designer wife Angel, still have many untold tales to tell.

Audiences will have the chance to gain fascinating insights into what inspired the husband-and-wife team, who fell in love in 2010, to bring their fairytale castle, Château de la Motte-Husson, back to life and turn it into the flourishing and continually evolving business it is today.

They may be an ‘odd couple’, but the charismatic pair have a love story to share. They will reveal how they ended up in a beautiful castle, with a beautiful family, in a beautiful part of France.

During this highly entertaining evening, the duo explains who they are, where they have come from, how they met, and why they dared to do it!

Tickets are now available to purchase here.


Tuesday, February 21 2023 at 7:30pm


Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre, Hindmarsh, SA


From $90.65

Jet off to Bali for just $149 with this latest flight sale

If there’s one thing that makes getting up and going to work every day easier, it’s having something to look forward to. So, if you’re needing an extra reason to drag yourself out of bed in the morning why not book a flight to Bali? And at $149 one way you’d be silly not to!

Our friends at Jetstar have answered our prayers once again serving up budget flights that are very hard to say no to. This time, you can fly direct from Adelaide to Denpasar for just $149.

It comes as part of the airlines ‘Book-a-Break’ sale which is seeing flights jetting overseas from all around the country for ridiculous prices like Melbourne to Hawaii for $219!!

Travel dates are scattered between October and May next year so the more flexible you are the better, as always with these cheeky deals, but it still gives you plenty of time to inform your boss that you’re heading off for a much-needed getaway.

Bali has bounced back in a big way since the pandemic with what seems like half of Adelaide already over there. So, if you’ve had enough of seeing everyone else living it up in tropical paradise, now is your time to get over there yourself.

All fares are one way and checked baggage isn’t included. Sale is on now and ends this Saturday August 20th unless sold out prior, so this is definitely case of book now and ask for permission later.

Check out all the deals online here.

Leigh Street Luggage launches NEW sister “fine diving” bar, Nevermind

All images: @winedinephotography

The team behind acclaimed wine, amaro and cocktail bar, Leigh Street Luggage, has unveiled its sister venue Nevermind, bringing together the finest cocktails and tastiest gourmet toasties in the heart of Adelaide’s bustling small bar scene.

Shahin Chegini and his business partners have now publicly launched the hidden bar tucked behind Leigh Street Luggage, with a new drinks and food offering and a revamped line-up of DJs and special events.

Nevermind is the brainchild of Mr Chegini, who has modelled the bar on similar venues in Melbourne where he spent more than a decade working in some of the city’s trendiest cocktail bars and restaurants including Morris Jones, Frederic and L’Hotel Gitan. He returned to his home city last year to open his first bar Leigh Street Luggage last December.

“Nevermind is my love letter to the industry – a bar that doesn’t take itself seriously, anything goes and everyone is welcome, but still holding a high standard in the liquids we serve,” Mr Chegini said.

“I’ve always worked in high-end establishments and I have major respect for that polished service and attention to detail. But after a long night’s work or on my nights off I kept finding myself frequenting bars like Leonards House of Love (South Yarra), Jungle Boy (Windsor) and Bar Margaux (Melbourne CBD).

“I loved certain aspects of those bars and wanted to mix certain aspects into one space – polished, well-made cocktails, good banter over the bar and that familiar house party vibe.

“The cherry on top was rumours we heard about Julie Barnes (previous owner of Leigh Street Luggage retail store) having exclusive parties after hours in what used to be her storage space. It just made too much sense to convert it to what it is today.”

Nevermind retains an industrial-style design inspired by the grunge scene that emerged in the 1990s.

Whiskey specialist and “pickleback queen” Olivia Freear has been brought in from Suzie Wong Bar to lead the team and add the finishing touch to the menu. Expect a well balanced quirky cocktail list, the best picklebacks in Adelaide and seasonal tinnies from craft brewers across South Australia.

Toasties will be available well past midnight, made in-house with gourmet ingredients such as freshly sliced capocollo, provolone dolce and hot piquillo peppers, and served with a side of house-made pickles.

Resident DJ will spin underground party jams until late on weekends, and “Hospo Love Wednesdays” will continue to look after industry peers with a range of mid-week drink specials.

Mr Chegini said “Thursday 808’s” would soon launch, with drink specials and rotating guest DJs playing old school hip hop and RnB, and further activation of the alley next to Alec’s is also planned.

“We’re working with local breweries and distilleries to hold alleyway parties to promote everything that’s good in our great state,” Mr Chegini said.

Last month Leigh Street Luggage was named a finalist in the South Australian bar of the year category in this year’s Bartender Magazine Australian Bar Awards which will take place in Sydney on September 7.

Nevermind can be entered via Leigh Street Luggage or down the alley next to Alec’s.

Where: 22A Leigh St, Adelaide SA 5000

Instagram: @nevermind.adl

Work underway at new Flinders Chase Visitor Centre on Kangaroo Island

Work has commenced rebuilding the new $16 million visitor centre at Flinders Chase National Park on Kangaroo Island which was destroyed in the 2019-20 bushfires.

The Kangaroo Island tourism industry contributes around $140 million annually to the regional economy and rebuilding key visitor infrastructure like the centre is vital for the recovery of the Island and its community.

“Rebuilding the visitor centre at Flinders Chase is an important part of the bushfire recovery process on the Island and it will help the local tourism to bounce back,” says Member for Mawson, Leon Bignell.

“I’m really pleased to see the work of local tradies and artists will be included in the design and construction.

“It will be a great new asset for visitors and local tour operators, and somewhere to showcase some great local produce.”

The new centre has been designed by award-winning Troppo Architects that created the Bowali Visitor Centre in Kakadu National Park and numerous eco-resorts, has a strong focus on sustainability.

The University of Adelaide is partnering with the Malinauskas government to build research facilities at the centre, contributing $2 million towards the project.

It is anticipated conservation groups, research partners and commercial tour operators will use the event space and that locally made produce will be sold from the centre.

Sustainability features include the building being able to generate and store its own power, including for electric vehicle charging.

“It’s fantastic to see work now underway on the new centre that will create a world-class visitor experience for parks on the western end of Kangaroo Island,” says Minister for Climate, Environment and Water, Susan Close.

“This ecologically sustainable building will power itself for most of the year and be entirely self-sufficient in terms of water use and recycled wastewater.

“The building will set a new national standard for ecologically sustainable development, with minimal impact to the environment both during the build and once complete.”

The passive solar design takes advantage of a building’s site, climate and materials to minimise energy use, helping to keep the centre cool in summer and warm in winter. All heating and cooling systems will have low energy usage and will be zoned to ensure flexibility and to cater for how the visitor centre is being used at the time.

Walkways and shelters will help collect rainwater and wetlands will help filter waste and storm water.

The centre’s architecture will be mainly concrete-free, and primarily framed from sustainably sourced bushfire-resistant Australian timbers. Rammed earth walls will be built from material on and adjacent the site and gravel will be sourced from existing nearby pits.

The work of local tradespersons, artisans and artists will be included in the architecture and design. Construction of the centre is expected to be complete in 2024.

For further updates visit

Book Review: The Mad Cappers’ Tea Party, by Marnie Stocks, illustrated by Sally Heinrich

Marnie Stocks is a plant biologist who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. When she began to lose her hair, her friends decided to throw a Mad Cappers’ Tea Party to help her feel better. Everyone arrived with a “bald” head and brought along wacky head coverings. Marnie has now written about this experience to help others.

Adelaide-based Sally Heinrich has illustrated many award-winning books including One Step at a Time and Papa Sky as well as writing and illustrating her own picture books, activity books, and novels. She is known for her exquisite drawings and lino prints.

The Mad Cappers’ Tea Party is the story of Marnie who has a very big problem. She is worried because she has lost her hair, and hair is of course a very useful thing for many reasons. Hair also gives you your identity, so how will anyone recognise Marnie now? Her friends desperately want to help, so they decide to throw a special party where everyone brings all sorts of things Marine could use to cover her head. Lots of fun ensues as we discover some of the crazy ideas her friends have come up with.

The story Marnie Stock has written celebrates friendship and kindness toward those we care about. The simple text can be read by most children above six years and is a fun book to read to pre-schoolers. There could be lots of discussions regarding different hats and what they represent, from cultural hats to practical hats and just plain fun hats. Teachers may enjoy asking their class to illustrate their own ideas for head coverings and then maybe create some to wear at their own tea party. Creative classes could easily turn the story into a play.

Sally Heinrich’s beautifully detailed and colourful illustrations are a joy right down to the facial expressions of the dog and cat. The illustrations stand by themselves on each page without need of a background. This gives the reader the sense that they are almost jumping off the page.

The reason for Marnie’s hair loss is never mentioned in the story. This allows discussions with children about the different reasons people may lose their hair and help them become more empathetic.

Marnie and Sally’s hope is that The Mad Cappers’ Tea Party will help to break down barriers by allowing people to talk about hair loss and the other effects of chemo therapy.

Reviewed by Sue Mauger

This review is the opinion of the reviewer and not necessarily of Glam Adelaide.

Distributed by: Love & Laughter Publications
Released: July 2022
RRP: $25

Global gaming company to open studio in Adelaide in world first

South Australia is quickly becoming the hub for many things, space exploration at Lot Fourteen being one. However, another industry titan wants to throw its hat in the ring.

International games company, Keywords Studios, is set to become the first global video gaming business to open in South Australia.

The studio, will grow to over 50 employees in its first three years, offering South Australians the opportunity to work on best-selling games titles from some of the world’s biggest publishers.

Keywords Studios is the world’s largest provider of end-to-end technical and creative solutions to video games publishers.

The company, founded in Ireland in 1998, has 10,000 employees worldwide across 70 offices, including Melbourne, and provides services to some of the world’s top video games publishers including Microsoft, Google, Sony, Nintendo, Apple, EA, Riot and Sledgehammer.

Recent titles the company has worked on include Fortnite, Age of Empires, Star Wars Jedi, Fallen Order, Valorant, League of Legends, Clash Royale and Doom Eternal.

Following a successful application for the South Australian Landing Pad Program, the company will open a new games studio in Adelaide by Christmas 2022.

The South Australian Landing Pad attracts companies to South Australia that will stimulate and grow the economy, create jobs and grow new industries.

The company is in the process of developing training programs with local providers to offer graduates on-the-job experience as well as offering experienced staff the opportunity to upskill.

Minister for Trade and Investment Nick Champion says that “the gaming industry in South Australia continues to thrive, with the sector more than doubling its economic contribution to the state at $36.2 million in Industry Gross Value Added – up 66 per cent.

“Keywords Studios will be a welcome addition to our creative industries ecosystem and will provide opportunities for South Australians to work on some of the most exciting games in the world and will be the first large, internationally renowned studios to establish a presence in South Australia,” Champion says.

Tom Crago, Director, Keywords Studios Australia says that “as a proud South Australian, I’m delighted to be part of a game development studio in Adelaide once again.

“The talent in South Australia is as good as anywhere in the world, and we look forward to growth and success from day one,” Crago says.

Keywords Studios is already recruiting for roles to start in 2022 across engineering, art, technical art, QA and production in South Australia.

Prospective applicants can view the roles at

For more information on the South Australian Landing Pad: 

La Niña ALERT promises wild weather this spring

The Bureau of Meteorology (‘the Bureau’) has moved from ‘La Niña WATCH’ to ‘La Niña ALERT’ with the likelihood of La Niña returning this spring increasing to around 3 times the normal risk.

Climate models and indicators have shifted towards meeting La Niña ALERT criteria. A La Niña ALERT means the chance of a La Niña developing in the coming season has increased.

When La Niña criteria have been met in the past, a La Niña event has developed around 70% of the time.

La Niña refers to changes in sea surface temperatures in the tropical Pacific Ocean, with waters in the eastern Pacific being cooler than normal, and waters in the western tropical Pacific being warmer than normal. Trade winds strengthen, increasing the water moisture in the air, which usually brings rainfall to eastern and central Australia and a wetter start to the northern wet season.

The Bureau’s 3-month climate outlook shows a high chance of above average rainfall for most of the eastern two-thirds of the Australian mainland between September and November 2022. The outlook reflects a range of climate drivers including a negative Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) event and warmer than average waters around Australia.

With wet soils, high rivers and full dams, and the outlook for above average rainfall, elevated flood risk remains for eastern Australia.

Some third-party sources and media outlets have suggested that the east coast of Australia is experiencing a third La Niña. This reporting does not reflect the complexity of Australia’s climate and is not entirely accurate.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s El Niño–Southern Oscillation Outlook, which is monitored by the Bureau’s specialist climatologists and is underpinned by analysis of seven climate models, is at La Niña ALERT status. This means there is a 70% chance of La Niña returning this spring.

The Bureau is advising of very high chances of wet conditions over eastern Australia for the next three months. Should a La Niña event be established in the Pacific Ocean, the wet conditions will persist into summer.

This rainfall outlook is of great importance to communities in eastern Australia given the increased risk of flood following above average rainfall for the past few months and above average soil moisture levels. We encourage communities to keep up to date with official forecasts and warnings on the Bureau’s website and BOM Weather app and follow the advice of emergency services.

More information is available on the Bureau’s website:

New monkeypox case detected in South Australia

SA Health has been notified of a monkeypox (MPX) case in a man who has recently returned home from overseas. He is currently isolating at home.

Two people who had close contact with the man have been identified and advised to receive the MPX vaccine.

SA Health has advised that there is no risk to public health and SA Health will continue to test people with illnesses compatible with MPX, as needed.

New MPX cases will be included in the disease notification report online, which is updated weekly.

If unaware, MPX is a viral infection that causes a rash. Other symptoms include fever, headache, muscle aches and backache, swollen lymph nodes, chills, and exhaustion.

MPX broke out globally in May 2022, and has been reported in countries where the disease is not usually present.

MPX mainly spreads through direct contact with infected body fluids, lesions or scabs on the skin. It can also spread through prolonged contact with respiratory droplets (from coughing, sneezing, breathing and speaking) and contact with contaminated materials or objects, such as contaminated clothing, towels or linen.

As always, SA Health will notify South Australians if there is any risk to public health.

More information on the virus can be found here.

Paddock to Plate dining & bottomless soup this weekend for Fleurieu Food Festival

Written by Amy Springhall

Everyone loves to complain about the cold, but winter comes with its own charms, especially in South Australia and particularly on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

In case you missed it, this month, some of the Fleurieu Peninsula’s best winemakers, cheesemakers, food producers, brewers, farmers and more have banded together to create the first-ever Fleurieu Food Festival – a program featuring 50+ foodie events, happening all throughout August.

The 50+ events are the perfect way to warm up with some hearty comfort food and taste what the region has to offer: incredible food, the friendliest hospitality and, of course, world-class wine.

Here are three events you won’t want to miss: each one is guaranteed to bring maximum warmth, deliciousness and good times (and most of them are less than an hour’s drive from Adelaide).

Bottomless Bowls Soup Smorgasborg at Artisans at Heart

When it’s cold, nothing beats a bowl of something hearty, filling and comforting. And that’s what the Bottomless Bowls Soup Smorgasborg event is all about.

You’ll chase away the chills and eat around the world, until you can eat no more, with soups made using the finest Fleurieu produce. Plus, we imagine there will be bottomless amounts of bread to go with it.

When: Saturday 20 August, 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Where: Artisans at Heart, Shop 8, 10 Daranda Terrace, Milang SA 5256

Paddock to Plate Lunch at Lessismore Farm

There’s something about Paddock to Plate lunches that make them extra special. They’re so much more than just a meal; they’re an experience. And what could be more comforting than tucking into a three-course lunch and learning about the sustainability of the land and the food you’re eating?

The Paddock to Plate Lunch at Lessismore Farm will take you back to basics, with a tour of the farm, breadmaking demonstrations and, of course, a seasonal three-course lunch made with the freshest Fleurieu produce.

And did we mention the scenery? With its rolling hills and stunning sea views, the Fleurieu Peninsula is a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach. 

When: Sunday 21 August, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Where: Lessismore Farm, 388 Forktree Rd, Wattle Flat SA 5203

‘Plated Provenance’ Long Lunch at Peninsula Providore

Forget Tuscany – get a taste of Italy on South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula. Featuring a four-course Fleurieu Peninsula feast amongst the olive grove, this regional produce-inspired long lunch by Peninsula Providore and Precious Little Wines is the ideal way to spend a winter’s day.

The Plated Provenance Long Lunch is all about great food and company, in a unique location (an olive grove!) and we can’t think of anything more perfect for a winter’s day. What winter blues?

When: Saturday 27 August, 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Where: Peninsula Providore, 2250 Bull Creek Rd, Tooperang SA 5255

For more events and information about the Fleurieu Food Festival, visit their website.

Piccadilly Cinemas set to reopen after significant restoration project

After closing for 14 months, Wallis Cinema is finally ready to reopen The Piccadilly in North Adelaide, with beautifully restored art deco features, a 35mm projector and a brand-new lounge bar.

The significant refurbishment – undertaken by The Wallis Group, IA Adelaide and Premier Building Solutions – has seen the exterior and interior of one of South Australia’s most iconic historical structures be brought back to life.

Alongside the new lounge bar, the renos also include a new candy and ticket counter, luxury finishes and accentuated detailing that drips in 1940s glamour.

The iconic cinema closed its doors for a well-deserved facelift on 7 June 2021. After missing its 80th birthday celebrations in 2020 due to COVID, the renovations are the perfect belated birthday present to help Piccadilly provide another 80 years of glorious cinematic experiences.

The Piccadilly is home to a variety of film festivals, premiere screenings, foreign language and art house films and major blockbuster releases.

Opening in October 1940, the Piccadilly cinema has maintained its beauty and form for almost a century. The iconic Adelaide cinema was built under the collaboration of Evans, Bruer and Hall from Adelaide, alongside Guy Crick from Sydney and was constructed before the onset of WWII.

In order for the cinema to reopen and advance its next chapter, the Wallis team is looking to hire an experienced and passionate team for The Piccadilly. Full-time, part-time, and casual positions are available for bar and waitstaff, cinema customer service, and venue management.

Training and career pathways are also provided for exceptional candidates. If interested, email applications to by Monday 12 September 2022. Click here to find out more.

Zero waste coffee pop up taking over Norwood bike shop from today

Beginning tomorrow 16 August, Australia’s only Zero Waste Coffee Subscription, Allways Coffee, are popping up at Norwood’s Treadly Bike Shop every Tuesday and Wednesday to serve the very best of ethically packaged coffee from Adelaide’s finest local roasters.

It’s no secret that the aromatic blend of sweetness and acidity of a coffee shot when married in with the creaminess of your favourite dairy or plant-based milk, is an addictively popular habit.

Tired? Make a coffee. Catching up with some friends? Grab a coffee. Bored? Have a coffee.

Mike, the master it all, began Allways Coffee as an initiative to eliminate the plastic wastage that comes with the accessibility of your favourite drink, all while supporting local roasters across Adelaide.

“I worked in cafes and roasters for 10 years and there was this sense of guilt that came with starting my own coffee shop,” he said.

“Coffee has such a short lifecycle, like 7-14 days, and there’s so much high barrier heavy plastic.”

“The idea is to change roasters every week,” Mike said.

Mike works with around 9 roasters in Adelaide including the CBD’s Elementary, the Hill’s gem Dawn Patrol and the economic sustainability experts at Monastery Coffee (who will be blessing your taste buds with their blend this week) to offer your favourite caffeinated goods in home compostable materials.

You can see Allway’s Coffee full list of roasters here.

The pop up will be at Adelaide’s East End’s favourite bike specialists at Treadly who are setting aside their cafe space for Mike.

The use of keepcups and dine in options are encouraged, although Mike will be providing compostable takeaway cups if you’re in a rush!

Your subscription choice of espresso, decaf, blends and capsules can be delivered via Allways Coffee’s online website or purchased at the Treadly Bike Shop pop up as well as his array of reusable canisters and coffee cups.


Where: Treadly Bike Shop, 23 Mattingley Ln, Norwood SA 5067

When: Every Tuesday and Wednesday, 8am – 1pm

Book Review: Ariella Nyssa’s Self-Love Bible, by Ariella Nyssa

Ariella Nyssa is a Sydney-based influencer and swimsuit model. Featuring un-edited photos of herself and other women, her Instagram page is a refreshing change of pace from the sea of social media accounts that rely on airbrushing and society’s deeply ingrained, unrealistic notion of what is and isn’t attractive in a woman’s body. With more than 748K followers on Instagram, Ariella has built her platform on messages of self-love and self-acceptance.

In 2022, Ariella released Ariella Nyssa’s Self-love Bible, a guide to developing self-love and acceptance in your own life. The journal contains a combination of the author’s backstory, journal prompts, and creative exercises that readers can use to improve their relationship with themselves and come to understand their own self-worth.

The book covers a surprising amount of ground. Having expected a journal completely dedicated to building body confidence, I was surprised to discover nuggets of wisdom shared across several other areas too. In addition to learning to love your physical body, the book offers insight on connecting with your inner-child, the importance of a healthy mindset, giving yourself permission to be unique, learning to go with the flow of life, forgiving yourself and others, trusting your instincts and beliefs, showing gratitude, and of course, taking action to achieve your goals.

Each chapter begins with Ariella’s personal story, and how the subsequent material has been important for developing self-love in her own life. A selection of exercises follows, and these are anything but run of the mill. Some are incredibly creative, like drawing your childhood canvas or drawing what forgiveness looks like to you. Others are more reflective, encouraging the reader to dig deep and unearth their own truth.

Of course, a list of relevant affirmations brings each chapter to a close, and these are one of the journal’s highlights. Phrases such as “I appreciate what my body does for me” and “I am proud of what I have achieved” seem simple at first, but after repeating them multiple times, their innate power becomes clear. For those who don’t resonate with affirmations, the varied content offers something for every type of learner. Whether you absorb information by hearing examples, writing down lessons, or drawing your interpretation, the journal creates space for every reader to understand.

Some of the exercises are confronting, but they never feel overwhelming. This may be down to Ariella’s kind and gentle voice which rings through both the prose and the exercises. She also offers a long list of assistance resources at the end of the book, from helplines and websites to spiritual advice. These extra trimmings help readers to feel supported as they undertake the sometimes challenging journey towards loving themselves.

With its mixture of large blocks of text and ongoing exercises, the journal is far more than a surface-level self-help guide, even if it has the pretty colour-coordinated aesthetic of one. It’s a valuable handbook to life, particularly for people who succumb to the pressures of society or struggle to see their own worth.

Reviewed by Vanessa Elle
Instagram: @vanessaellewrites

This review is the opinion of the reviewer and not necessarily of Glam Adelaide.

Distributed by: Murdoch Books
Released: May 2022
RRP: $32.99

Swan Lake announces extra performance dates

An extra performance has been added to the Adelaide season of Swan Lake to be performed by The United Ukrainian Ballet. 

The additional performance will be held on Wednesday 9 November at 7.30pm in the Festival Theatre and will be on sale through Ticketek from 9.00am Monday 15 August.

The company will arrive in Australia this October to perform the world’s most loved ballet, with seasons in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

The United Ukrainian Ballet brings together award-winning dancers from Ukraine’s finest ballet houses including The National Opera of Ukraine, Kharkiv Opera Theatre and Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Each member of the Company has their own story of how they escaped the devastating war in their homeland to reach safety and join the Company. Under the artistic direction of Igone de Jonge, former prima ballerina of the Dutch National Ballet, the Company have been living and rehearsing together since fleeing Ukraine. 

From the first immortal bars of Tchaikovsky’s score, Swan Lake beckons the audience to another world in this classic tale of good triumphing over evil. 

Be captivated by Prince Siegfried’s love for the Swan Queen Odette, the unforgettable corps de ballet moving in magical unison, glimmering swans and spectacular ballroom scenes. This glorious tale, performed by such a remarkable company, inspires awe and wonder.

The United Ukrainian Ballet formed after Ukrainian dancers fled their homeland and is based in The Hague, Netherlands, at the former Royal Conservatoire building which was given to the Company to live and work in through the generous support of local business and the Netherlands government.

Ahead of their Australian tour of Swan Lake, the Company of over 50 are preparing for other ballet seasons to be performedat the Royal Theatre Carré in Amsterdam and the prestigious London Coliseum.

The United Ukrainian Ballet’s production of Swan Lake is a unique opportunity to see a powerful and moving interpretation of one of the greatest romantic ballets of all time with a company of world-class artists united by the tragedy of war and hope for the future.

This majestic production of Swan Lake promises to be the most emotional dance production of the year.

Of Russian and Ukrainian descent, Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky composed Swan Lake in 1875-76. During the Soviet era, the ballet’s televising was often associated with political instability and upheaval. In more recent times its symbolism has become inextricably defined as a protest work by many Russians ardently opposed to the unlawful occupation of Ukraine.

This tour has been made possible through the generous support of a number of benefactors including the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, Amare Cultural Precinct and SENF Partners. To support Ukrainian artists and aid in the future rebuilding of Ukraine’s cultural heritage, a portion of each ticket sold on the Australian tour will be donated to The United Ukrainian Ballet Foundation.

Find out more here.